Welcome to Stirred, Not Shaken

Thank you for joining me on my new adventure here at Substack. Stirred, Not Shaken is a burgeoning publication where I will be sharing essays, poems, photography, on-the-spot observations when I just can’t help it, and (on occasion) cocktail making advice. Have I ever been a bartender? Only at my friend’s birthday parties, so: yes.

I will do my utmost to post once a week, even if just a photo.

Subscribers will have the option to comment and contribute ideas on what they want to read more of (and perhaps less of). This is a new endeavor for me, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

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Poems, musings and photographs from the surrounds of the Salish Sea.


Angela Cummings

Writer, photographer, trail-builder, and martini maker, Angela Cummings was born and raised in the moss and mushroom-laden Pacific Northwest. In 2021, she published her first book of fiction for young readers, Siren and the Serenade.