I am out with lanterns looking for myself.
- Emily Dickinson

Stirring it Up

Hello and thank you for being here!

First things first: this publication is not about martinis, though I do enjoy those. Rather, I write about what stirs me (in the best kind of way) about the world, and specifically, the little corner of the Cascadian island where I live.

A recovering "project management career person" who moved to the woods to build trails and identify birds, I write poetry and micro-fiction which explores how our individual experience is held within and mirrored by the connectedness of the natural world. I regularly publish new work, musings, and observations from my exercise to identify the 72 distinct micro-seasons of the Pacific Northwest (U.S) corner of the world where I reside. When everything aligns, I will post every 7-10 days, though I reserve the right to take longer in order to share something meaningful (and proofread.)

All paying subscribers are invited to the quarterly Stirred Zoirée—an informal Zoom chat where we share what in the world is currently stirring us: novels, poetry, music, movies, shows, flowers, birds, mini-horses—whatever makes you feel more alive.

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Poems, musings and photographs from the surrounds of the Salish Sea.


Writer, photographer, trail-builder, and martini maker, Angela Cummings was born and raised in the moss and mushroom-laden Pacific Northwest. In 2021, she published her first book of fiction for young readers, Siren and the Serenade.